Three reasons for 6,5B dollars.

As you probably know, last Tuesday, March 20th, Salesforce has announced to intend to buy MuleSoft for 6,5 billion dollars. Even if this is not per se the exact selling amount, this is the announced company evaluation. Simply, wow! You may think why is salesforce willing to invest and pay so much for an integration... Continue Reading →

A special manager: the product manager -1

Let's be very clear: there is no degree for becoming a product manager (PM). There are engineering, marketing, sales, etc. degrees; there are certification programs like Pragmatic Marketing ( I am certified...), but for product managers, there isn't a specific degree to graduate from. Personally, I have been more than fifteen years a product manager but... Continue Reading →

Decoding Careers -1: a begin

I am very pleased to start sharing ideas and experiences about information technology, software architectures, trends, the applicability of technologies in the business. But also I would like to focus on career advice for people with talent, product management mentoring and how to build teams for success. Specifically for the last point, I have seen... Continue Reading →

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