Decoding Careers -1: a begin

I am very pleased to start sharing ideas and experiences about information technology, software architectures, trends, the applicability of technologies in the business. But also I would like to focus on career advice for people with talent, product management mentoring and how to build teams for success. Specifically for the last point, I have seen many talents with a lot of knowledge and still they fail to have a successful career or a well-deserved recognition.

There are many sports and sports talents, but why is it that some of them reach the top and others not? Is talent just enough for the top? There are technologies enough in the world for everybody. But why is it the only some technologists will reach the top? Is graduating with cum laude an assurance for reaching the top?

During my career, I was looking for reasons, but then one day, in one of the many trips to the US, I managed to decode it: there are three major personality dimensions that you need possess to get to a successful career and being recognized by your own peers:

  1. An infinite and relentless desire to make it happen;
  2. Of course talent;
  3. Having the “luck” to get into a team with the same type of mentor and co-workers;

A motivated professional with a fantastic personal drive makes already 50% of your career. Things do not happen by itself, people who step up and lead from the front will be immediately having an advantage. Professionals who are highly motivated and have a talent in their field have a “stellar” combination. But you are not there yet …

Humans, like dogs, can only work in environments with a hierarchical structure. Organizations, teams, groups, etc. all have always a leader or leaders. Imagine you are a sporting talent highly motivated but you get to play with a mediocre team with a mediocre coach. Probably you will not get that far and will look to change for another team. The “luck” here consists to find the right team and leader to exploit your own talent. A big challenge because … how do you that?

We will find out more in the next blogs.




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